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A project of the World Economic Forum IT industry community in cooperation with the Forum’s Education, Gender and Work System Initiative

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As technology transforms jobs across every industry, SkillSET helps you acquire the skills and education you need to adapt and evolve.

How SkillSET Works
Technology Will Affect Your Job
With workplace automation and technologies on the rise, the occupational landscape in nearly every industry is experiencing a significant shift. Today’s estimates say that anywhere from nine to fifty percent of current jobs are at risk of automation.

Now more than ever, you need to acquire new information technology skills that will keep you ahead of the curve, help you meet the challenges of changing job roles and take advantage of new career opportunities.

Life Changing Story of Reskilled Person
SkillSET Helps You Adapt
SkillSET is a joint project started by leading technology companies that offers free skills-based training and education to prepare you for an increasingly digital workplace. Through the SkillSET platform, you will learn the professional skills necessary for jobs both now and in the future.

By joining SkillSET, you will gain free access to the most up-to-date, self-paced training materials available, ranging from general business skills, basic digital literacy and entrepreneurship to more advanced topics such as cyber-security, big data or Internet of Things.

Founding Partners
The SkillSET platform is hosted by EdCast, the leading organization for unified discovery and personalized learning.

SkillSET’s Purpose & Mission
SkillSET was founded by a coalition of the world’s leading IT companies in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, in response to increasing global skills gaps and concerns about changing job markets arising from automation and digitization. Our coalition has made a firm commitment to prepare workers for the digital jobs of the future, as well as fostering a culture of life-long learning.

1 Million
Our aim is to reach one million people with resources and training opportunities by 2021.

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