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Sustainable Education and Training for the Digital Economy

SkillSET was formerly a project of the World Economic Forum IT industry community in cooperation with the Forum’s Education, Gender and Work System Initiative

Future-Proof Your Skillset

As technology transforms jobs across every industry, SkillSET helps you acquire the skills and education you need to adapt and evolve.

Technology Will Affect Your Job

With workplace automation and technologies on the rise, the occupational landscape in nearly every industry is experiencing a significant shift. Today’s estimates say that anywhere from nine to fifty percent of current jobs are at risk of automation.

Now more than ever, you need to acquire new information technology skills that will keep you ahead of the curve, help you meet the challenges of changing job roles and take advantage of new career opportunities.

SkillSET Helps You Adapt

SkillSET is a joint project started by leading technology companies that offers free skills-based training and education to prepare you for an increasingly digital workplace. Through the SkillSET platform, you will learn the professional skills necessary for jobs both now and in the future.

By joining SkillSET, you will gain free access to the most up-to-date, self-paced training materials available, ranging from general business skills, basic digital literacy and entrepreneurship to more advanced topics such as cyber-security, big data or Internet of Things.

SkillSET’s Purpose & Mission

SkillSET was founded by a coalition of the world’s leading IT companies in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, in response to increasing global skills gaps and concerns about changing job markets arising from automation and digitization. Our coalition has made a firm commitment to prepare workers for the digital jobs of the future, as well as fostering a culture of life-long learning.

1 Million

Our aim is to reach one million people with resources and training opportunities by 2021.

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Insights from Technology Leaders

People need innovative ways to learn new skills in order to remain relevant and adaptive as the pace of technology change accelerates.

Pierre Nanterme
Chairman and CEO, Accenture

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution spurs incredible innovation, it is our responsibility as business leaders to ensure that the benefits created by this opportunity—now and in the future—are accessible to all.

Keith Block
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce

The future of talent development depends on new models, ways of thinking and initiatives like this one that engage individuals as life-long learners and provide them with opportunities for continuous reinvention.

Francisco D’Souza
CEO, Cognizant

It is important for Enterprises to make investments in reskilling and upskilling employees and prepare them for digital age careers.

Rajesh Gopinathan
CEO & MD, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Technology is both the tool and the canvas and carries the huge promise of improving how we live and work.

Mike Gregoire
CEO, CA Technologies

Instead of fearing automation, we should be optimistic about the exciting possibilities when people and machines work together. Bigger than artificial intelligence, we are entering a new frontier of ‘augmented humanity’.

Bill McDermott

By working together across the public and private sectors, our hope is to enable new opportunities for people to carve their own paths, develop new skills, and future-proof themselves.

Bob Moritz
PwC Global Chairman

Democratizing digital literacy is an essential first step to make technology a force for good that moves us all forward.

Salil Parekh
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys Ltd

It is our obligation to make sure that people with jobs across every industry are given the means to learn new skills and remain competitive.

Chuck Robbins
Chairman and CEO, Cisco

With technology so central to how we live and work today, it’s critical that we enable people to acquire the skills required to be successful and to help society move forward in a positive direction.

Alan Trefler
CEO, Pegasystems

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